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Wonderful weekend with some Springlike weather and a great deal achieved. H couldn't make it, but there were some very pleasant new recruits to meet, and several of our Germanic specialists to skirmish with.

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Very relaxed, with a great collective Sunday brunch instigated by Miccalus.

Highlights: inspiring talk late into the night with people I don't see enough of, a couple of nifty kills thanks to outflanking around the undergrowth.
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Got totally carried away on Friday night talking to Andy about technique and ended up making a nuisance of ourselves. Note to self, hold it down boy. Drill was interesting - trying to stop my scram and spear getting in the way. Despite preparation I just couldn't carry that shield for long before my muscles gave out. Reading the Strategikon over Christmas helped a great deal with the commands and moves.

We had a skirmish in the woods both days which I preferred greatly to individual combat - especially against axes! Several Holderness guys attended on Saturday, which really made a decent body of troops. I enjoyed using a padded javelin & smaller round shield for skirmishing. I really like padded spears for practice, as I feel happier striking & could throw etc. My Ebay subarmalis seemed OK for now - certainly very comfortable. I ought to line the rivets & washers & think about pteruges. Doing a bit of target practice with javelins & plumbata was interesting and trying Dave's recurved bow was brilliant.

Folk were very kind & I tried on lots of different helmet styles. First kit making session: shortened Paulus' military belt & put early Saxon fittings on another with much assistance. I've got this whole buzz when I look at them - 'ooh I did that!'

Next stop - get a Regia standard spearhead & suitable haft, preferably ash, order marching boots & water bottle, get some more ash or white hardwood & replace my cracked spear shaft & make some padded javelins, get some leather & make a sheath!


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