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Comitatus, Dateline 306 AD
My first Roman show, a staggering weekend, full of unforgetable moments: arriving at the gate, I was speechless. The keys to the castle! Bodhrans in the bailey, herding a lost duckling back up the bailey steps, showing off with a ukemi in Caius' mail, the Temple Gardens in the quiet Sunday morning and the Usher Gallery with its perplexing frieze of carved cow-skulls, the calm of trangia cooking, owls courting around the Lucy Keep, improbably filled with trees & the memorials of the prison dead.

H had a lot of work to do, so was going in style in digs & it proved difficult to stay away myself, leading to much to-ing and fro-ing and relying on Catherine to let us in. I had new plain red wool clavi & orbiculi & superthick wyningas thanks to H and a spiculum & a guige for my shield, also now sporting my name & unit number. Most brilliant of all, H presented me with an early birthday present - an Intercisa helmet! It's brilliant, with crosses & eyes and its so shiny! I'm sure that won't last.

We were all grateful for Victor's fire base to keep off the cold in the evening, even if the wood left for us was as tough as old boots & very smoky. The resident hedgehog, ducks & ducklings proved most entertaining, including a duck attack on my tent in the early hours of Monday morning.

Cynric & Viventia kindly gave me use of an awning, Victor lent his tool box & hey presto, suddenly I was a woodworker. Well, wood botherer - I picked at the same limb all weekend in the brief periods we seemed to have in between arena displays. I relished reading out the sacramentum oath from a wax tablet and enjoyed conducting a camp tour. Caius suggested I could do storytelling - great for a germanic show. Maybe something from the Aeneid for Roman?

The three day show, with hourly displays, was a little tiring, but I was revived by simply glancing at our surroundings. We had the attentions of a local press photographer and a radio reporter who stayed all day interviewing all of us and making himself at home in Fortunatus' tent. Managed to sneak a peak at their display of one of the original copies of the Magna Carta made for the barons, suitable for framing.

Next kit jobs - repair helmet neck guard, add chin strap, paint spiculum shaft & pad a spear length shaft. More research on Roman age wood & metalworking.


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