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Comitatus, Dateline 306A.D.

Hayton is a small village on the Hull Road, but has an international flower festival. With a Constantinian theme for the anniversary, they wanted some Romans. Happy to oblige.

Nice little paddock near the church to camp in & the run of the village hall. Kitted up to provide an honour guard for the preview & found when I went into the church that I recognised the singer & organist - my sometime leading lady & her husband from my amateur stage musical life.

Hourly shows again, making life quite busy and a steady flow of visitors. Corvina sent us off to display with a bit of the Aeneid to inspire us.:

‘Roman, remember, to rule the nations with power –
This is your work, to impose the ways of peace,
To spare the vanquished and to overthrow the proud.'
Virgil, Aeneid VI, 752-853

Did 500 Years of the Roman Legionary for the first time & Caius let me sub for him as a late archer - but I can't get my ukemi in with a quiver on my back. Tranquilis stole the show with his authentic underwear.

Caius also helped me punch my beloved helmet's cheekguards for a chinstrap - that made it a lot easier to keep it on when rolling. I started shaving down my thick dowel, but without a workbench or muscles it was slow work, cementing my reputation as Salvianus the Wood Botherer.

We were short of a file leader on the Sunday, so I filled in - apparently my warcry for the kids was very Japanese ;-) Victor encouraged me to throw my spiculum in the last cast of the weekend and it survived. I think I should get a second with a slightly loose rivet for throwing - can't wait to get some javelins sorted.

Can't wait to get the longbow I've ordered so I can do a bit more in the missile displays. Much less keen on plumbatae. Another one went awry - this time over the heads of the small crowd, yikes! Slings don't appeal for similar reasons.

Other ideas: store water & food closer to front of tent, put in a storm flap to exclude prying eyes, get a much bigger cup & a clean wrap/bag for authentic packed lunches and get some braies for the hot weather - these wool Thorsburg trousers are boiling me alive in the warmer shows.


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