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The first day and the Holderness meeting clashed with Pudsey, but that evening I got down to the riverside to join the gang for a few beers.

On Sunday there weren't any punters so we did some combat practice including the boar's snout and set up some action shots for the camera. Kobbi was kindly able to supply me with a scramasax and a pair of turnshoes to call my own.

I enjoyed another opportunity to practice without having to display. There were a couple of passing dog walkers & I looked up from my dinner to find one of my predecessors as chair of the Parish Council regarding me with some curiousity. I do think it is the first time I've seen him look surprised :-)
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Rather than a professional display, like Holderness put on in 2004, this year the Fulford Battlefield Society decided to stage a childrens' event involving the local schools. I went along in kit to help out & ended up being cast as Tostig.

We lead our half pint army of Vikings from the Park & Ride site up to the parish playing field on Fordlands Road, which the thick of the battle probably passed over. Or under, now. Chas Jones provided the commentary and the kids played out the course of the battle with cardboard shields they had painted the day before and boffers from Jorvik. Towards the end, they started getting carried away and I had to hold the lines apart with my spear. One little tyke threw himself at me and laid into my shield like a minature beserker - totally fearless! I had to restrain one of them who wanted to massacre the defeated York contingent & sod historical accuracy.

Scary, scary nippers.


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