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Birthdate:May 30
This is my blog for for historical re-enactment, covering the Late Roman period through to Norman times.

I live & teach in York, or should that be Eboracvm?

I've had a wide interest in history for many years, but took the plunge to start re-enactment Summer 2005. I was initially just looking to join Regia Anglorum for the Jorvik festival here, but the local group leader put me onto Comitatus, the late Roman group re-enacting the Legio Praesidiensis based hearabouts in the 4th Century, as well as Germanic and Romano-British peoples up to 866 A.D. and they were so welcoming, well organised & downright interesting to talk to, I just found myself looking for two sets of kit.

I re-enact because I love to show off, to educate, to entertain and to play with pointy sticks & there seems to be ample opportunity for all of these, plus camping under canvas, sitting round campfires, arguing about evidence and generally escaping the dominion of the mobile phone and reality TV.

I also joined Regia to pursue the later Saxon period through to Norman times and the local federated group, Holderness, is great bunch of folk. I have interests in Early Christianity, later medieval literature, science & military arts and the martial arts especially Aikido. I have been known to juggle, recite poetry, appear in musicals and write & play modern folk music, but rarely all at once.

Salvian / Salvianus

A member of Comitatus, Holderness & Regia Anglorum

Antiquum obtinens

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