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The previews of the new Camelot put a smile on my face.

Sometimes I'm like the beer soaked fans on an episode of The Simpsons who incongrously leap up when Robert Pinsky name-checks their hero Basho at a poetry reading.

Mention of Camelot being founded in the sixth year of the reign of the emperor Valentinian made me wake up after some particularly dense piece of sub-dramatic nonsense. Oddly, this Late Roman pedigree is slightly offset by it's computer design, a neat little concentric castle, rather like the late medieval Beaumaris, but with square towers, cut in half (by a cliff) and with an improbably tall basilica jammed into the inner bailey.

I was a great fan of 'Arthur of the Britons' with Oliver Tobias, probably re-runs in my school holidays since I was six when it first aired, and I'm delighted they've re-used some of the same costumes - the bad guys are bikers with lots of studded leather straps and shoulder pads tacked over imitation leather jackets with big fur collars while the good guys wear laced up collar hippy shirts and disk brooches provided by Monsoon. Ah the seventies!

Of course there weren't any otherwise accomplished actresses getting their kit off for no readily apparent reason, but I suppose that's why it didn't attract huge viewing figures.

Chris Chibnall seems intent to do to the Arthurian period what he did to Torchwood (i.e make it an unwatchable morass of violence, sex and improbable angst) and Michael Hirst to do what he did to the Tudors (i.e make it an unwatchable morass of violence, sex and improbable angst with poor costuming and no regard for recorded history).

I needed a good laugh ;-)

Date: 2011-02-28 10:36 am (UTC)
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You made I larf :) Unfortunately, I haven't seen this new Camelot as I don't have a sub to this sort of tv. However, have seen a couple of clips of it on youtube, so think your summary is correct. But wot, no Brian Blessed ...?!


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