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The York Viking Festival has feasted :-)

I've caught the cold and lost my voice, but seeing people is great and letting them do some of the talking for once is probably a welcome change.

We had to pace ourselves, but I really enjoyed what we did - cutting out the standing around waiting for orders and being shouted at in the practice was probably a good thing. The traders at the Guildhall looked seriously depleted in numbers - Regia have cut out half the tables for some reason (perplexing) and divided the remaining hall space into traders vs Living History (makes sense). To ensure authenticity I would have omitted the seller of 'dragon eggs' and pentacle pendants etc and left more room for more outstanding traders like Cesar, Dennis and Dave the Moneyer instead. And maybe advertised that they were there for several days... We picked up an excellent curved blade knife for chopping herbs and a neat little marble sliding box from Cesar. The trading marquee was similarly a bit thinner and less busy than last time, but I got belt fittings to make up for H.

Most importantly we saw Tranquilis with Alex, looking much recovered and Miccalus looking better, though I was surprised to see him fighting so soon. The group has had a hell of a year. We stayed for a quick hello before retreating home. I understand Oswulf got a mild concussion in the battle practice and rendered hors de combat. That takes a lot of doing. Regia plays rough...

The best of it was showing my old mate Simon and family a time. We did Dig (me in kit) recovering our lost booking thanks to the extremely helpful peeps there after the worst food delays in Christendom in the Slug & Lettuce (lovely staff, just not enough kitchen) and ran into Mick Aston (whose talk that evening was entertaining, despite his bronchitis - though he was brusque with questioners who dared to mention the old criticisms of the quality of Time Team's archaeology).

We rested up and staggered along to hear Hugh Lupton's modern English telling of Beowulf at the Early Music Centre. This was interesting: he treated it as a fluid story in the oral tradition rather than as a text, skipping some of my favourite phrases, substituting his own key repeated phrases and alliteration, changing some of the plot and much of the pace and balance of the piece for a modern (or, shall I say a wider) audience in the same vein as a better screenplay adaptation (I can't liken it to a novelisation as I've yet to read a tolerable one). The addition of percussion was, again, interesting - probably more accessible than the lyre and certainly well performed.

It made me want to perform my own material, preferably by torchlight in a long hall and that can't be bad :-)
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